People in this country are healed by burning

Fire Therapy

People in this country are healed by burning

Facts : People in this country are healed by burning

People in this country are healed by burning
People in this country are healed by burning

There are many unique ways to treat different types of illnesses around the world. A special method of treatment is adopted in China. This special type of treatment is called fire therapy. This means that the patient is burned to cure him.

however, This special type of fire therapy has been in vogue in China for the last 100 years also. Even in the scientific age, treating the sick with fire is not a new thing in China. Not only this, during this time the patient is also treated in a unique way. Alcohol is first sprayed on the patient’s body. It is then ignited in alcohol also.

Above all Zhang Feng is one of the most popular physicians in China for treating with fire therapy. He says fire therapy is the fourth biggest revolution in human history. He said the process has left China and the West far behind the treatment methods. It is believed that the heat of the fire and the combination of herbs immediately work to relieve the body also.

Therefore, The Chinese call it a special kind of treatment. This procedure is used to treat everything from stress, indigestion, infertility to cancer. Chinese physicians have been adopting this therapy for over 100 years. You will find many videos and pictures of fire therapy on social media.

However, you may not know through this video whether this therapy is really effective in the disease. There is also no evidence that this therapy is effective also. You should not make the mistake of adopting this therapy by watching this video.

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